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As your neurodivergent child moves into adolescence and adulthood, you may feel powerless in your ability to help even as you watch them struggle with challenges that grow bigger and bigger. Developmentally, they are supposed to be separating from you and turning to friends their own age. In some ways, your child may not have the same level of maturity as their peers to accomplish this, while in other ways they may be far more mature.

Their developmental path is destined to be different from neurotypical teens and young adults. It can help take the pressure off your relationship, for you and for them, if they bring their worries to someone here at Scattergram.

We understand the unique challenges your young person faces socially, sensorily, emotionally, and academically, and can help on all fronts: from being more organized with school work to working through friendship issues to exploring sex and gender identity to planning for their future and more.

You may, yourself, want to speak with one of Scattergram’s neurodiversity-affirming therapists about options for your child’s assessment and diagnosis, navigating health and educational systems, advocating on their behalf, making realistic plans for the future, and dealing with the uncertainty, grief, and anxiety of being out of step with other parents and societal expectations.

Are you grappling with questions about your own, or another family member’s, neurodivergence? Often a parent self-diagnoses after a child is diagnosed or notices commonalities with their partner, children, or other family members. It’s a lot to figure out on your own. Let us help.

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What is neurodiversity?

What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is a term coined by Judy Singer in her Master's thesis in 1996 and popularized by Harvey Bloom in The Atlantic in 1998. There were no...

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At Scattergram we have a process for exploring neurodivergence that goes beyond a checklist of deficits.

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