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Therapist & Allied Health Professional Supervision

Wendy McGuire provides various kinds of consultation and supervision to therapists to build competence in working with neurodivergent clients.

Ad hoc consultations
Clinical group supervision
The Canadian Neurodiversity Affirming Therapists Facebook group

Our Values:

  1. Neurodivergence is a difference in brain type, not a disorder.
  2. Treatment models, past and current, that view neurodivergence as a disorder, and attempt to ‘normalize’ neurodivergent children, youth, and adults, do harm.
  3. The perceptions and experiences of neurodivergent individuals are immovably real and need to be included in care planning and delivery.
  4. People with the privilege of being neurotypical, and who buy into dominant narratives about neurodivergence, risk doing harm out of ignorance, indifference, or an inability to experience compassion and empathy for people who are wired to think differently.
  5. A neurodiversity-affirming paradigm in mental health, health, education, the workplace, and all institutions is necessary for well-being, growth, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all.

Resources for Therapists and Allied Health Professionals

Free Resources

Here you will find:

  • workshops
  • quizzes
  • sensory activities
  • groups
  • and more…
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Canadian Neurodiversity Affirming Therapists Facebook Group

A group for people who provide services to neurodivergent people (e.g. psychotherapists, RSWs, OTs, PTs, psychologists, psychiatrists).

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Key unlocking access

Exclusive Access

A subscription-based membership option for therapists to get exclusive access to additional resources to help build your neurodiversity-affirming practice. Join the mailing list to be notified when it launches.

The Scattergram Mission

Building capacity for neurodiversity-affirming therapy across Ontario and Canada


Promote the well-being of neurodivergent people and their loved ones through interdisciplinary, neurodiversity-affirming care, supervision, and training.



Unleash divergent ways of thinking and perceiving that our world needs to solve its problems, big and small.

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To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information about services for therapists, please complete the form.

Here at Scattergram, neurodivergence is the norm

To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information about services for therapists, please complete the form.

Here at Scattergram, neurodivergence is the norm

Interested in joining the team?

Are you a neurodivergent and LGBTQ2SI+ affirming Registered Social Worker (RSW), Registered Psychotherapist (RP or RP-Q), Allied Health Professional (OT, RN, PT, RD, RDN, etc), or Academic or Job Coach keen to work with neurodivergent folks and their loved ones?

My fully online practice serves a diverse neurodivergent client base of teens, young adults, university students, women, late diagnosed or self-diagnosed adults, couples, parents, and family members. With a focus on undoing harm, we support people to: better understand their neurotype, develop strategies for sensory, emotional, and cognitive regulation, explore intersections with sex and gender, build skills to communicate across neurotypes, and live life authentically with more ease.

As a member of our growing virtual team, you will have the exclusive opportunity to be trained in our unique, trademarked neurodiversity-affirming treatment model, receive ongoing supervision, and have opportunities for continuous learning, as teacher and learner, alongside team members in health and mental health disciplines across Ontario and Canada.

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