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Information chaos is a state of having too much information, not enough information, hard to access information, and just plain wrong information. The information landscape for Autism (ASD) and AD(H)D (Attention Deficit and  Hyperactivity Disorder) and other kinds of neurodivergence is rife with chaos. It’s hard to know where to look for reliable, accurate information. It’s hard to make sense of conflicting information. And it’s hard to sort out fake facts from facts. At Scattergram, we enjoy diving into the chaos and connecting the dots so that we can provide you with the neurodiverse-affirming answers and resources you are looking for.

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Neurodivergent Youth
(12 - 17)

challenges at school, time management & organization, anxiety & depression,
sensory sensitivities,
social isolation, questions around identity

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exploring sex and gender identity, gender transitioning and affirmation, relationships, coming out, community

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Not sure if you are

Thought about getting assessed, but wonder if
there is any point? Take our quiz or read more

Neurodivergent Young Adults
(18 - 29)

building a meaningful, authentic life, clarifying values, exploring possibilities for school, work, or creativity, setting goals,
finding love and community

of a neurodivergent person

letting go while holding on, shifting boundaries, understanding atypical development, it will be alright

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connect the dots

All our therapists are trained in Scattergram’s A.C.C.E.P.T.
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Neurodivergent Adults


navigating work, relationships & parenting, late diagnosis, masking and unmasking, autistic burnout, values & goals clarification,
financial security, aging

of a neurodivergent person

neudodivergent/neurodivergent or neurodivergent/neurotypical

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Communication Styles Quiz

Communication Styles Quiz

Do you ever worry about how you communicate or come across to others, at home, school, or work? If you have, take the quiz and find out more – much more!

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Neurodivergent Voices Dear Dr. Pearl

Neurodivergent Voices Dear Dr. Pearl

This article is written by a self-diagnosed Autistic female-presenting person in the form of a letter to the psychiatrist who found her too ‘high-functioning’ to be on the Autism spectrum, and is the first in our series of neurodivergent voices.

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