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building a meaningful, authentic life, clarifying values, exploring possibilities for school, work, or creativity, setting goals, finding love and community

Transitions are hard for those of us with differently-wired brains at any stage of life, but the transition from adolescence to adulthood is one of the hardest. For neurodivergent young adults, there are social, emotional, academic, and developmental hurdles to overcome on your path to adulthood.

If you have been diagnosed in childhood or adolescence with a neurodevelopmental disorder, chances are you have experienced ‘spiky development’. You might be miles ahead of your peers in some areas and struggling to catch up in others. You don’t reach some typical developmental milestones when you should and yet you surpass others, creating confusion for yourself and those around you.

At Scattergram, we understand that your path will likely be different and that’s okay. Different isn’t scary when you’re not alone.

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Neurodivergent Voices Dear Dr. Pearl

Neurodivergent Voices Dear Dr. Pearl

This article is written by a self-diagnosed Autistic female-presenting person in the form of a letter to the psychiatrist who found her too ‘high-functioning’ to be on the Autism spectrum, and is the first in our series of neurodivergent voices.

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At Scattergram we have a process for exploring neurodivergence that goes beyond a checklist of deficits.

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