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This group is part of the A.C.C.E.P.T. Program™ suite of groups for neurodivergent youth and adults that promotes understanding, communication, and connection.

Neurodiversity-Affirming Cross-Neurotype Couples Package

Traditional couple therapy does not usually take into consideration differences in neurotypes (brains/nervous systems) that impact couples where one or both partners are neurodivergent. It often fails to assess the core issues in a cross-neurotype relationship and uses approaches based on neurotypical assumptions.

This five-session package may be ideal for you and your partner if one or both of you identify as neurodivergent and you both want to:


understand how your neurotypes impact your relationship


understand what aspects of you or your partner’s perception and behaviour are and aren’t changeable based on neurotype


honestly examine what each of you can and can’t accept and develop clarity on your absolute bottom line for a satisfying couple relationship


make an informed decision on whether to accept what can’t be changed and change what can to build a more satisfying, non-traditional relationship or to ‘call it’ and consciously uncouple

“I combine my therapy skills with ten years of academic teaching to help ACCEPT Couples participants understand and improve communication across neurotypes. By understanding how neurodivergence impacts their relationship and learning to balance acceptance with change, participants will reduce frustration and increase satisfaction in their partnership. I bring my own lived experience of being in an ND/NT relationship of over 30 years.”

Group Facilitator:

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What’s included in this Package

  1. One 4-part pre-recorded mini-course on how neurodivergence impacts couple relationships
  2. Cross-Neurotype Couple’s Workbook
  3. One individual session with each member of the couple to explore relationship hopes and challenges
  4. One couple session to share your understanding of the impact of neurodivergence on the relationship and what is and isn’t changeable
  5. One couple session to clarify your absolute bottom lines – what you can and cannot accept
  6. A written assessment of the impact of neurodivergence on your couple relationship including recommendations for both staying together and conscious uncoupling
  7. A final couple session to review the assessment and discuss next steps

    All five on-line sessions are to be held within a two-month period. If you choose to continue to work on your relationship beyond these five sessions, recommendations for neurodiversity-affirming couple therapists will be made in the assessment.

    Book the Neurodiversity-Affirming
    Cross-Neurotype Couples Package​

    Package Fee: $1995 can be paid in full or divided equally over five sessions

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