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Scattergram’s mission is to build capacity for neurodiversity-affirming mental health services across Canada. That is why we are a teaching practice. Like teaching hospitals, we are committed to guiding and mentoring student practitioners and volunteers and then sending them out into the world to share their knowledge with others. Our students and volunteers enable Scattergram to provide a range of accessible individual and group programs and are valued members of our team.

Wendy McGuire

Wendy McGuire (she/her)

Registered Social Worker

Wendy McGuire (MSW, RSW, PhD) has over a decade of college and university teaching experience in the social sciences and Social Work where she taught on the leading edge of experiential education and universal design.

Meet the Students and Volunteers

Scattergram is deeply committed to bringing a fresh approach to the growth and wellbeing of neurodivergent youth and adults. In addition to their own backgrounds, skills and experience, each student and volunteer receives in-depth training in Scattergram’s trademarked A.C.C.E.P.T. neurodiversity-affirming treatment model.

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Interested in joining the team?

Student placement opportunities are available for BSW and MSW students at various points throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities sometimes arise for group co-facilitators who identify as neurodivergent or other activities associated with the practice.

As a member of our growing virtual team, you will have the exclusive opportunity to be trained in our unique, trademarked A.C.C.E.P.T. neurodiversity-affirming treatment model, receive ongoing supervision, and have opportunities for continuous learning, as teacher and learner, alongside team members in health and mental health disciplines across Canada.

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